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Active Spring Holidays at Noa - Preparations For Summer!

Spring is around the corner! Don't miss springtime dates to have an active holiday. Enjoy your stay at Noa Glamping Resort full of diverse activities and prepare yourself for summer!


Summer is always fun and special in its way.

But, why not visit the seaside just when the first warm rays of the sun begin to brighten the world around us? That's why we prepared all-inclusive packages for you for an even more pleasant and fulfilling stay!

Make every day of your visit an experience and an opportunity to try new stuff!


Accommodation? One of Noa Glamping Resort Villas with a private swimming pool, terrace, beautiful interior, and all you need for a pleasant holiday with your friends at Noa Glamping resort! 


A day filled with sports? Enjoying the beautiful and local cuisine? Exploring the Island of Pag? Or relaxing on the beach? We got you covered!

If you like the adrenaline rush, then 5 trips with the Zipline ride is on us! The Zipline adventure will carry you across the beach, near Noa Beach Club, and will provide you with an incredible view of the scenery.

Also, 5-day or a 3-day pass for Wakeboarding with equipment included. With this pass, your group will have an opportunity to try out some of the water sports. Jet skiing, wakeboarding, twister, you name it!

Included in the price is also a rent a bike to explore the island and Croatia's beautiful beaches. You can discover the beautiful island of Pag and all of its hidden jewels on a bike!

To summarize, the 6-day and the 4-day sports packages include:

6-day package:

  • staying at one of our modern villas
  • wakeboard 5-day pass with equipment including
  • 2× 6-hour bike rental per person
  • a 5-time zipline ride
  • access to the Noa Beach Club till 00:00 (festivals and special events not included). 


4-day package:

  • staying at one of our modern villas
  • wakeboard 3-day pass with equipment including 
  • 6-hour bike rental per person 
  • a 3-time zipline ride
  • access to the Noa Beach Club till 00:00 (festivals and special events not included). 


In both packages, we combined all the things that you need to fill your days with fun and trying out new things! You can have it all in one simple package! Pick your dates between 28.04. - 25.05. 2022. and choose for how long you are gonna stay and we are taking care of the rest!


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