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Noa Beach Club awarded best open-air club in Croatia!

Noa Beach Club awarded best open-air club in Croatia!

The Ambasador award is a Croatian award for electronic music in Croatia as well as the whole region, organized by Klubska scena, popular music news portal. One part of the award is decided solely by the audience that can vote on Ambasador's website, the other part is decided by a jury that consists of musicians, DJs, producers, journalists, and people immersed in electronic music industry.

Here are some of the awards being awarded, just to get an idea of the range it includes:

  • Best open air club
  • Best club party
  • Event of the year
  • DJ of the year
  • Best indoor club
  • Best creative event photo in the region
  • Boutique festival in the region
  • House edition
  • Techno edition
  • Sound system of the year

Noa Beach Club for the best open-air club in Croatia

Noa Beach Club won the AMBASADOR award for 2023. Best open-air club. Considering all the beautiful clubs along the Adriatic coast, this is a big recognition for Noa and each person in the team who works hard each season to bring the best possible experience to the audience.

"The Ambassador award, especially since it is an audience award, means a lot to us and came as a confirmation of the best season so far. We are proud that the model of Noa's work and everything we offer is recognized.
We have been working systematically for years on the quality of the offers, the safety of our visitors, the diversity of the content and the way of doing business that will be recognized. This is exactly what happened, it's great news," Amar Fočo, general manager of Noa Beach Club.

Marketing manager of Noa also shared some exciting news about the upcoming season, "We have next season already lined up, literally every day on the calendar. In principle, this is agreed upon immediately after the end of the summer, we don't have much space for rest. And I can tell you that we are preparing many surprises", Josipa Žižić Šaban says.

Except for the event that happens every year, Ambasador is also a platform for people from the industry to network with each other and meet like minded artists form their own field. It includes exhibitions, educational panels, and forums intending to spread knowledge. Eminent industry experts share their know-how on their platforms and how to succeed in the music business. The tendency is for the project to grow into a music conference with a discursive program.

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