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Here at Noa Beach Club, we get asked a lot of similar questions. So we made a list of frequently asked ones to make your experience even better. Listed below are the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

  • When do the parties begin? / When does the party end?
    The Beach party starts at 3 pm/15:00
    The evening party starts at 10 pm/22:00
    The club closes at 5 am **
  • What are the drink prices?
    A list of drink prices can be found on this webpage.
  • Can I book a ticket for tonight online? Where do I buy a ticket if I cannot buy it online?
    If you have tried and are not successful in buying a ticket online then an amount of tickets are available at the entrance of the club. Just be quick, the number is limited.
  • What are the differences between ticket types?
    One-way - A one-way ticket into the club, you get in once. 
    - A regular ticket, unlike one-way you can go in and out a few times.
    - all the VIP extras here.
  • How to reserve a table?
    To reserve a table, email, call this number: +385 91 9280 123, or simply book online.
  • Where will I get my tickets? Where can I buy them?
    The tickets will arrive by email. If you have not received anything, please check your spam folder before contacting us. Tickets can be bought online by selecting the event here. If the event is not sold out, then tickets are available for purchase at the entrance too.
  • What does the program look like at Noa Beach Club?
    Here is the link to our schedule so you can see it for yourself.
  • What is the age limit to enter the club?
    The age limit for Noa Beach Club is 18+.
  • Where or how can I book a boat party ticket? And what are the departure dates and times?
    To book tickets for boat parties you can go here
  • Lost anything in the club? 
    Please contact the reception at Noa Beach Club in person after 2 pm/14:00 the next day.

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