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After Beach parties at Noa Beach Club

Zrce Beach parties during the day!

Don't fool yourself into thinking Zrce is all about the wild nights, some of the craziest parties happen during the day. After Beach parties (also known as foam parties or day parties) at Noa Beach Club start at 15:00 EVERY DAY and last until the night hours. Most of the time, the party continues to the big stage from the After Beach stage. It's definitely an experience you don't leave Zrce Beach without.

Entry to the After Beach?

Entry to the After Beach is mostly FREE! Only during big festivals like Austria goes Zrce, Bavaria goes Zrce, Hideout, Verknipt, or Spring Break entry is valid with a festival wristband!

What is so special about the After Beach party?

Where do we start? How about catching a tan while also having the time of your life? This is also the perfect time to get those jumbo cocktails that are a core Zrce Beach memory. There is just something special about partying under the sun and into the sunset.

The vibes at day parties are more relaxed, as people are in their bathing suits, carefree, and this is the time when foam cannons come top play! We get about a hundreds messages about the foam, and let us assure you, you will experience the foam cannons at almost every after beach party you visit.

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