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Croatia Beach Music Conference 2023

Croatia Beach Music Conference 2023

For the 3rd year in a row, Noa invited friends and colleagues from all around the world to spend 3 beautiful days in our home - Noa Beach Club & Noa Glamping Resort. The purpose of the conference is always the same - connect, have fun, and learn! First two days of the conference we had a day program with interactive panels where guests could learn and ask questions about this year's topics. Each evening we also had a get-together at the club where we could have some fun and network.

The guests arrived on the evening before the conference began, which meant they already had time to get to know each other and catch up before the program began! After the registration and a quick coffee, Croatia Beach Music Conference could begin.

What are the new security solutions that can be implemented to keep the visitors of large festivals and clubs safe, but also to ensure a location that includes not only the club/place where the event/festival is held but also the environment? Which are the new exciting festival destinations and what kind of future awaits us in the entertainment and event industry? How can we support smaller local artists in our region? What are some important mistakes that festival CEOs made that made them learn something important? The importance of production in the music industry. These are just some of the topics that were discussed during the two days of the conference.

The panel discussions were attended by numerous domestic and foreign experts who brought concrete experiences from the field when it came to these important topics. Goran Košćak, security expert and founder of Sector2, Luka Šunjić, CEO and founder of DC Tech and Shift Houses, Amar Fočo, took part in the panel entitled "Safe & Sound: Evolving Security in the Entertainment and Tourism Industry", general manager of Noa Beach Club and Vedran Ikić, head of Zrće insurance.

Davor Drezga, an executive director from Porin, opened the conference with the 1st panel Empowering Artists through Music Institutions along with Milan Majerović Stilinović from ZAMP, Marin Gospić (United POP), and Dražen Baljak (President from HGU).

The panel New Emerging Destinations: Exploring the Next Music Scene gathered a crew of speakers whose interesting career stories we could listen to for hours: Phillip Pulitano (Co-Founder of BPM festival), Ajdin Begovice (Senior Director of Business Development at Insomniac EU), Simon Oates (General Manager at VW Music), and Drago Vukelić (Co-Founder of BSH events).

The panel titled "Rhythm of Growth: Aligning Marketing and Sales Trends in the Music Industry" addressed the challenges facing PR, marketing and web professionals. In addition to sharing experiences with colleagues, Josipa Žižić-Šaban, marketing manager of the Noa group, reflected on this year's conference:

"This year, the list of panelists was really impressive, experts from Mexico, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain came to Zrće, but also experts from Croatia and representatives of the largest musical institutions in the Republic of Croatia. Such a strong list of panelists as well as the selection of topics resulted in three times more visitors to the conference than last year."

Executive directors of the best regional festivals, owners of the most visited clubs and authors of some of the most creative content together with colleagues from production, logistics, marketing and public relations were the panelists of the third consecutive conference, but the same was among the guests.

Official 2023 Aftermovie

Where is the fun?

Each day of the conference there is an organized party at Noa Beach Club's main stage with all of the guests. The perfect way to relax and get to know the speakers in another setting.

We'd like to keep these parties under a little mystery, but you can always visit the Instagram highlights and have a sneak peak of how we spent our days and nights. Visit us next year at the conference and find out for yourself how it is to party with some of the biggest names in the industry!

Check out the official Croatia Beach Music Conference website to find out more about the last three years of panels and all future updates!

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