Terms of Complaint

The trader is responsible for material defects of the products he sells on his website in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, in particular the Civil Obligations Act (OG 29/2018).

The ordered products are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged by the usual handling in transport/delivery.

In the event that the shipment is damaged in transit, such damage is visible when picking up the shipment, in which case we suggest that the shipment is not picked up by the Buyer. We ask customers to contact us so that we can check the condition of the shipment as soon as possible and send a new one.

In the event of a visible lack of product when picking up the shipment, the Buyer is not obliged to pick up the delivered product, may refuse receipt, and does not bear the cost of delivery of such product. It is considered that the products that were duly received by the Buyer did not have a visible defect. The buyer has the right to complain in relation to material defects within the deadlines and for reasons prescribed by the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act (OG 29/18). The buyer can send a written complaint or complaint to the e-mail with an indication of complaints.

The trader will consider the complaint valid if the inspection of the product determines that it meets the conditions for a complaint in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act (OG 29/18) and the Consumer Protection Act (OG 14/2019). In this case, they will replace the product or refund the full amount paid within 15 days of receiving a valid complaint. If it is established that the complaint is not valid, ie if the complaint is rejected, the Seller will notify the Buyer within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

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